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Skype for Business (Lync) mobile app user and admin guide.

Skype for Business (Lync) mobile app user and admin guide.
Skype for Business for iOS is capable to do most of things which you can do using Skype for Business desktop client. Like Skype Meetings, real time Presence, Instant messaging (IM), voice, video, desktop and PowerPoint sharing etc. It has a new look and feel, at-a-glance view of your upcoming meetings and conversation history, simplified call controls, and other improvements.
What is the minimum iOS requirement to install Skype for Business App?
 You can get Skype for Business for iOS if your iOS device running OS 8.0 or later.
Where I can get Skype for Business app?
 If you do not have the Skype for Business mobile app installed on your iOS device, you can download the new Skype for Business app in the App Store. App name is “Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013)” after you install this app it will show on your application and icon says “Business”.
If you have an iOS device running iOS 8.0 or later and currently have the Lync 2013 mobile app, the new Skype for Business app will replace your existing app automatically. (Users of the Lync 2013 app for iPad will not receive an update. Please download the new universal (iPhone+iPad) version of the app from the App Store.)
How to login on Skype Business on iPhone?
a.     On your iOS device, swipe each page of apps until you see the Skype for Business icon. Known as “Business” 

b.     Tap the Business icon to open the app.  

c.      Enter your sign-in address (for example, and password, and then tap Sign In.

d.     Click on Advance options and type (if Office365) or domain\username for all other environment. 

e.       Enter your mobile number with country and region codes. If you're an enterprise voice customer and Skype for Business can't use a Wi-Fi or cellular data network to make an audio or video call, you'll be called at this number and connected to the audio portion of the call.

f.       Once you sign-in you can set your status.
How to join meeting using Skype for Business app?
There are several ways to join a Skype Meeting using Skype for Business for iOS. Once you join, you should be able to hear the meeting audio, see video of other participants, and view meeting content that is being shared. The default settings allow videos and presented content only when you have a Wi-Fi connection.
NOTE: You can also join a Skype Meeting without signing into Skype for Business or even having a Skype for Business account by using the link or toll-free number that was included in the meeting invitation.
To Join a Skype Meeting do below
a.     On the main screen, under Upcoming meetings, tap the meeting you want to join. You can also view a list of upcoming meetings by tapping Meetings icon at the top of the screen.
b.     On the Meetings information screen, tap Join meeting now.
How to VoIP option in Skype for Business App?
If you want to user VoIP (audio, video, content sharing) using Wi-Fi only then do the below:
Click on your presence status > Settings > under REQUIRE Wi-FI FOR > ON the Voice and Meeting content. That means you can join meeting, audio, Video and see shared content only when you are on Wi-Fi network. See the below screenshot.
This best practice to do. Because when you are on 3G/LTE you may receive bad quality. You may get good quality audio, video and content sharing over Wi-Fi (managed) network.
Note: when you are on 3G/LTE network then you will receive call using call via work. No video/ content sharing.
Depending on how you set your VoIP call options, one of the following happens:
a.     You will be connected to audio or video using VoIP either by using Wi-Fi (if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network), or your cellular data plan. Regular data usage charges will apply.

b.     Or, Skype for Business calls you on your device and you will accept the Skype for Business call to join the meeting. This happens only when the voice and video call options (on the Skype for Business Options page) are set to ON and your device isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network. 
What you can do in a Skype Meeting?

1.     Use Video  to start your camera.
2.     Use Mute to mute and unmute your microphone.
3.     Use Speaker  to turn the device’s speaker on and off.
4.     Use Add  to add new participants to the meeting.
5.     Use Dialer  to call someone to join the meeting.
6.     Use More  to access additional features.
NOTE: These additional features are currently in development and will be available in the next release.
1.     Use End call red icon to leave the meeting or end the conversation.
2.     Tap Text icon in the upper right of the screen to type a message or read other participant’s messages.

How to answer a call during a meeting?

If a call comes in during a meeting, you will see an incoming Skype for Business call screen.
·        Tap Answer (Green icon) to put the meeting on hold and answer the call
·        Tap End call (Red Icon) to ignore the incoming call and remain in your meeting.  

How to switch between a call and your meeting?

1.     Use the back arrow  in the upper left of the call screen to return to the main screen. The meeting that is on hold will be listed under Recent.
2.     Tap to select the meeting that is on hold to view its call screen.
3.     You will remain on your active call until you resume the meeting by tapping Call on hold (hold icon) on the meeting call screen. 

Unable to see upcoming meeting information.

When update meeting doesn’t show that means either you Skype for Business app has issue or Exchange Web Service not working correctly.

Basically Skype for Business app receive meeting information from exchange via Exchange Web Services.
You can simply do quick test and see if your exchange web services working correctly.
Just browse your external EWS URL. (You can EWS URL on)
Generally EWS URL shows like below: you can simply browse this your EWS URL on your mobile device and put credential when it ask.
Expected result is xml page like below image.
You get page cannot be display or other error means your EWS not working correctly. Contact your administrator to resolve this issue.

How to change availability status?

Your presence information includes availability status such as Available or Away and is represented by a color-coded green, yellow, or red presence indicator. When you use Skype for Business on your mobile device, it will let people who view your contact information know that you are using a mobile device.

Setting your status

1.     To change your status, tap your photo with status icon located in the upper right corner of the main screen.
2.     Tap the Status arrow.
3.     Select your status from the availability status list.

Setting status automatically

When you sign in, you remain signed in as long as there is connectivity. If you are in a meeting or on a call, your status updates automatically. If you are not actively using the app on your mobile device or Skype for Business on your computer, your status appears as Inactive. If you have connectivity but haven’t used the app for 10 days, you will be automatically signed out.

How to setup a personal note in Skype app?

1.     Tap your photo with status in the upper right corner.
2.     Tap What’s happening today?
3.     In the note area, type any note you want.
4.     The note appears with your contact card.

NOTE: When you change Automatic Replies (out of office) settings in Microsoft Outlook, it automatically appears in the personal note area in Skype for Business. This note stays in Skype for Business until you cancel the note in Outlook or type a new note.

How to manage contacts in Skype for Business?


From the main screen, tap search contacts (Search icon) then start typing a name, phone number, direct extension, or email address in the search box.
The list of contacts will start to display as soon as you begin typing, and the results will be refined as you continue to type the name you are searching for.
NOTE: If Contacts are ON, when you search for a contact, the search results will include contacts that are on your device. To limit results to the Global Address List (GAL), you can go to your device’s Settings, select Skype for Business from the apps list, and use the slider bar to turn access to your device’s local contacts OFF.
IPhone > Settings > Business > See the option for contact, Microphone, notification etc.
Change these option per your requirement.

View and edit your Contacts

To view your Contacts list, go to the Contacts screen, and then tap any of the groups to expand it. The Contacts list in Skype for Business on the desktop is the same as the one in the Skype for Business app.

How to open someone’s profile in Skype app?

The profile displays status, personal notes, and office locations for people, and provides several ways to communicate with them. For example, you can send an instant message (IM), start an audio or video call, or send an email message directly from someone’s profile. To view a contact’s profile:
1.     Find the contact in your Contacts list, or start typing a person’s name in the search box.
2.     Tap the contact’s name.
3.     At the top of the conversation screen, tap the down arrow next to contact’s name.
Tap profile to open the contact’s profile screen.

How to start conversations in Skype for Business app?


From Skype for Business, you can start a chat (IM), a voice call, or a video call with a single tap on a contact’s name.
To start conversations:
1.     Type a message, and tap Send .
2.     Start a video chat by tapping Video .
3.     Make an audio call by tapping Call .

Joining a conversation

a.     IM. When someone sends you an instant message and you are in Skype for Business, a notification appears at the top of the screen. To accept the invitation, tap the notification. If you receive, an instant message while your device is locked or when Skype for Business is running in the background, a notification appears indicating that you have a new instant message. To accept the invitation, tap the notification. To ignore the invitation, just let the notification time out.

b.     Audio. When you get a Skype for Business call, it looks the same as any other call you get on your iOS device. The only difference is that when you get the call, the ringtone will be the default Skype for Business ringtone (this ringtone cannot be changed), and the incoming call screen will have a Skype for Business logo  on the left.

c.      Video. When you receive a Skype for Business video call:
·        Tap Video  to accept an incoming audio and video call
·        Tap Audio  to accept an audio-only call.

Find recent or missed conversations

Missed and recent conversations are listed on the main screen under the Recent heading. Tap a listed conversation to open it.
NOTE: The conversation history in your Recent list only includes the conversations that you initiated or participated in while using your mobile device. To view the list of conversations that were initiated from or participated in from your computer, view the Conversation History folder in Microsoft Outlook.   

Thank you.



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